Extra Credit Quiz

Totally optional. Worth five points total, so very helpful if you missed a prior quiz. Cannot hurt your grade, so strongly recommended for everyone. To be completed by Friday, 19 May.

1. Which of the following IPA symbols represents the first vowel sound in the word "spooky"?
2. Identify what the following four phonemes all have in common: /ð/ /f/ /ʃ/ /ʒ/
Refer to the IPA chart (in Language Files, chapter 2) if you need some help.
Back in 2003, the Oxford English Dictionary (also known as the OED) garnered controversy in the US media when they added bling-bling 'ostentatious jewellery' to the new edition of their dictionary. Clearly, the OED is happy to include slang words in their attempt to craft a comprehensive dictionary of the English language. Knowing that, and factoring in what you know about slang from our readings and discussion board conversations, why do you think salty 'upset, jealous', no cap 'not lying', and vibey 'cool, enjoyable' have not (yet?) been added to the OED?

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