Week 2: What is language?

Hi everyone,

I hope all’s well! First, a reminder that the first discussion board post – a reply to the “Week 1: Introduce yourself!” thread – is due by 11:59pm tonight. If you haven’t already done so, please check out that assignment and make your first post. And if you have already posted, I’ll be replying to your posts tomorrow.

Here’s your next assignment:

Please read chapters 1, 2, and 14 (pp. 7–14 and 62–66) in the Rickerson & Hilton book on the Readings page of our class site. (That sounds like a lot, but it’s really less than fifteen pages.) On that page, enter the password “linguist” (without the quotation marks) and download the PDF of the book.

Then, post a response to the next discussion board thread, “Week 2: What is language?” For this one, please make sure you respond to my thread by clicking “Reply” on my post. Don’t create a new thread to post your response. (You’re welcome to start a new thread to start a new discussion, but please keep your responses to the assigned discussions in the right threads.) This response is due by 11:59pm on Friday, February 3rd.

I’ll reach out to you all again later this week, once I’ve posted a video discussing the reading. This should help to emphasize and explain some of the more important parts.

Thank you, and please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or want to schedule an office hours meeting. Looking forward to reading your responses!

Best wishes,

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