Week 8: Semantics

Welcome to the midway point of the semester! This week, we’ll expand on our discussion of meaning, begun last week, by learning more about semantics, the linguistic discipline dedicated to exploring meaning in a scientific, empirical way.

Read pages 257–265 in chapter 6 of Language Files. I will post a video this week discussing and expanding upon this reading.

Please complete Quiz #3 by 11:59pm this Friday, 17 March, which covers topics from weeks 7 and 8.

In addition, the midterm is now available. It covers all materials from weeks 1 through 8. You have two weeks to complete this. Please submit your completed midterm by 11:59pm on Friday, 24 March. You can submit it as many times as you like before then, but only the final submission will be graded.

Because you’re being sent both a quiz and a midterm this week, there will be no discussion board post required for this week.

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